The Most Awesome Food Festivals in Spain

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There is no other country that celebrates food as awesome as Spain. Here, the obsession with food goes far beyond restaurant tables and bars. From harvest celebrations, food fights and parades, Spain is the place to be.

Saffron Rose Festival
The celebration takes place every last weekend of October at the small village of Consuegra, Toledo. The fields in Consuegra are the world’s largest saffron fields. When the saffron flower blooms, the entire village rushes to the fields to harvest their treasure. The harvested stigmas of saffron are very expensive when it comes to the market. After the harvest, the village celebrates. The Saffron Rose Festival, also known as Fiesta de la Rosa del Azafran, is a tribute to Machego tradition. The festival features street dancing, parades and local food stalls.

Erizada: Sea Urchin Day
This party is the start of the biggest carnival party of Spain. On a quite weekend of January, the Sea Urchin Day serves as the kick-off party for the Cadiz Festival. During the festival, fishermen crack open kilos of black, spiny sea urchins. They are served raw and free to tourists and locals in Cadiz’s La Vina neighborhood. By the end of the festival, almost 700 kilos of sea urchin are eaten.

Haro Wine Fight
The Batalla del Vino takes place in Haro, a wine making village in La Rioja. The wine making town turns to a battlefield every year on June 28 and 29 in the celebration of St. Peter’s day. Wine gun fights, sprays and buckets are used in this wild wine battle. Using purple wine, the gatherers soak each other as much as possible to win the contest. The festivities start on the night of the 28th as the entire village of Haro takes over the whole town. The celebrations last all night long until 7am in the morning. The attendants of the festival trek up a 5-kilometer hill to the sight of the wine battle. When a truck load of wine arrives, the wine battle begins.

Tomatina Tomato Fight
This festival is perhaps the most well-known food fight in the world. Tomatina takes place in a village 40-kilometers from Valencia, the town of Bunol. On the last Wednesday of August, almost 40,000 locals and tourists gather to the streets of the village to throw 100 tons of tomatoes at each other. The giant tomato fight lights up the lonely streets to a bright red city in the celebration of the town’s patron saint, St. Luis Beltran. Due to its uprising fame, the festival now requires you to buy a ticket in able to participate.

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